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Kinnow (Mandarin)

Category: Fruit

  • The Kinnow of Pakistan. A high yielding mandarin hybrid.
  • Rich source of mineral salts which helps alleviating acidity and sedentary lifestyle.

  • One of the finest varieties of fresh mandarins is kinnow. It has a high juice content and a unique flavour, making it a great source of vitamin C. The soil and climatic conditions in Pakistan have given it a unique flavour which distinguishes it from other comparable mandarins grown in the world.  Pakistani winters provide ideal growing conditions for this fruit, which is sweet and has a very distinct flavour.
  • The best fruit is selected by Urbanline Pro and brought to its cutting-edge processing facility for washing, waxing, grading, and sorting. The packaging of Kinnow is carried out by experienced and skilled packers, preserving the fruit's quality and freshness.
  • For the comfort and requirements of the client, the fruit is packaged in a variety of packaging options.