We are Urban

Urban Line Pro is revolutionizing how top-quality, fresh fruits and vegetables are shipped worldwide. We have achieved the best attributes that we are delighted to present to communities worldwide, thanks to our commitment to providing top-quality fresh products and our extensive list of solid relationships and clients. Consult our product catalog to see why so many people have chosen to work with us.
Don't miss the chance to collaborate with a brand based in one of the world's most agriculturally advanced nations.


When fresh produce is grown and traded fairly and ethically, we see a nation where the standard of living has improved. We aspire to spread our services globally to support a healthy food culture.


To achieve long-term excellence and profits in our services while ensuring that the global trade in fresh produce practically adheres to international norms and practices. To align with today's most popular consumer trend: fresher, healthier, chemical-free, and nutritionally dense foods.


Approachability, friendliness, a healthy environment, and accountability are our company's core values. With a customer-driven approach, we provide solutions to our clients to encourage healthy living, and our team of experts takes full accountability for their actions. In addition, what makes us distinctive is our friendly and approachable atmosphere to diffuse a feeling of comfort and ease amongst our clientele.